About Whanganui Bay

Whanganui Bay is private property.

(Located at 38. 47'6" S; 175.43"54"N; Waihaha) (5515 Western Bay Road, Waihaha 3381)

Whanganui Bay is a Maori Reservation belonging to the hapū Ngāti Te Maunga and is managed by a Trust made-up of descendants.

The Reservation was partitioned from Whakarawa Block in 1965. 


The Reservation has no shares (no shareholders) and the only beneficiaries are ngā whānau of Ngāti Te Maunga.

Ngāti Te Maunga is named after their Tupuna - Te Maunga, the great grand-daughter of Parekawa.  Te Maunga descends from the youngest son of Parekawa - Kikoreka.

Te Maunga lived her life in the Hauhungaroa and lived in Whanganui Bay with her family and descendants in the 1800s.  As tangata whenua her mana whenua and the mana whenua of Ngāti Te Maunga was again asserted in Court when her descendant, Te Waiiti gained ownership in 1902 when he abundantly and concisely shared stories of historic events, specific locations and names areas throughout the rohe.

Access and permission to be in (swimming or camping) Whanganui Bay is automatically granted to ngā whānau o Ngāti Te Maunga.  Permission to build or place a caravan in Whanganui Bay requires permission in writing from the Trust as well as a formal lease and payment of annual fees.

Non-hapū visitors require prior written approval of the Trust - including boaties.  The Queens Chain does not apply in Whanganui Bay as no prior agreement has been made with Taupo District Council.

Permission to conduct of any other activities must be granted in writing from the full Trust at an Ordinary Meeting of the Trust.  Such activities include (as per Maori Reservation Act):

  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Reunions

  • Wānanga

  • Parties larger than 30 people

  • Guest groups

  • commercial activities

  • Hunting