Housing / Papakainga

Please note - if you wish to build in Whanganui Bay you do so at your own risk.  The Trust is not a landlord or property developer.  Your risk, security, insurance, property is your responsibility.  In addition their are significant conditions to be meet in order to gain and retain your occupancy lease - READ THESE!

Occupancy is not just based on bloodline, it is based on your commitment to contribute to marae, hapū, whenua, wai and other hapū and reservation based kaupapa.

This document is the document you need to read first before you start the journey to seeking a occupancy licence.


Click on the document to open, save and use.

The following documents are WORD so you can fill them out and email to trustee:

1st document to complete: Are you ELIGIBLE?

2nd document to complete: Can you OCCUPY?

3rd document to complete: What are you going to BUILD?

Question /Patai?

Email us your query here, and we'll help you with your application...

Nga Mihi

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If you are wanting to pay in part or full your occupancy licence or rates, this is the bank account, it is important you add your initials and surname in the REFERENCE.

You don't want to end up paying your cousins fee, although they will love you for it.

Here it is...

Bank:         BNZ

Account:    02-0424-0020662-001

Thank you...

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Kia ora! we be in contact with you soon...

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