That time of year is upon us when we visit our whenua, tipuna and enjoy our whanau. However, this is also the time that accidents and issues arise. We want you and your whanau to enjoy your time safely in the bay.


The Whanganui Bay BoT want to remind and encourage you and your whanau of the following kawa when you are in the BAY.


  1. No fireworks, as its summer, and our whenua and people’s property are at risk

  2. No OPEN fires on the beach, beach fires must be in containment i.e. drum, circle of rocks. This minimises the fire from spreading, and your whanau don’t walk into a dead fire.

  3. All fires to be doused out completely, before the fire is left unattended.

  4. Our whenua is not a dump, what you bring in must go OUT with you. Use YELLOW council bags only, tied and left up at top gate for council collection.

  5. Be responsible for yourself and your own whanau – stamp out any poor behavior

  6. Alcohol is fine, but please watch out for excessive drinking and the behavior that may come with it

  7. No Drugs

  8. Any breaking of the law i.e. Violence, Stealing, drugs, you have rights to be in a safe environment. You may consider reporting the incident to the correct authority i.e Police, Ambulance, Fire brigade, exercise your rights!

  9. Be considerate of your neighbors, keep music volume down after midnight.

  10. The emergency helipad is the flat section beside Chris/Mamae whare, no camping on this site.

  11. NO speeding i.e. dirt bikes we have our tamariki and kaumatua to think about, when they are walking our road.


Whanau, if we all apply our safety kawa above, take responsibility of ourselves and our immediate whanau.


You and your whanau can have a safe time in our Bay.


Nga mihi,