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Safety at the Bay. . .


We visit our whenua, tipuna and whanau to enjoy those special moments. However, sometimes accidents and issues may arise. To ensure everyone; you and your whanau enjoy your time safely in the Bay, the following tikanga applies:


  • No FIREWORKS . . . Our whenua, our whanau and property are at RISK.

  • No OPEN FIRES . . . Contain fires and beach fires i.e. drum, circle of rocks, iron. MINIMISE the fire  from spreading, and PROTECT whanau, particularly children from walking into the embers.

  • DOUSE OUT fires completely, before leaving unattended.

  • REMOVE RUBBISH . . . Our whenua is not a dump, what you bring in must go OUT with you.  Use YELLOW COUNCIL BAGS only, tied and left up at top gate for council collection on   Monday mornings.

  • POOR BEHAVIOUR . . . BE RESPONSIBLE for yourself and your own whanau. Stamp out any poor  behavior.

  • ALCOHOL . . . is fine, but please watch out for excessive drinking and the behavior that may   come with it.

  • NO DRUGS. 

  • EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS! . . . Any breaking of the law i.e. Violence, theft, drugs, you have rights   to  be in a safe environment and report an incident to the correct authority; Police,   Ambulance, Fire brigade.

  • BE CONSIDERATE . . . of your neighbors i.e. keep music volume down after midnight.

  • EMERGENCY . . . Helicopter may need to land on flat. Keep site clear!

  • NO SPEEDING . . . SLOW DOWN and think about others safety; our tamariki and kaumatua in  particular.


Have a safe and enjoyable time in our Bay.


Ngaa mihi whanau,


Whanganui Bay Trustees

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